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As an RVCS Accredited Equine Practice we offer a wide range of services. Please scroll down the page to make sure you see everything.


Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) is commonly used for breeding horses and is standard practice for many types of horse.

Successful AI requires meticulous planning and preparation, accurate timing and careful monitoring. Decisions such as the choice of mare and stallion and the presentation type of the semen (fresh, chilled or frozen) are crucial in improving the chances of your mare becoming pregnant.

We can help in all these areas, providing advice and taking cervical swabs to test for infectious diseases prior to the process, scanning and other tests to help predict the timing of your mare's ovulation, as well as the insemination process itself.

Mares can board with us at the clinic where we can provide a fixed cost for the whole procedure.

For more information about Artificial Insemination please read our information sheet which explains the process, answers questions you may have and explains how you can best prepare your mare and what we can do to help.

AI Client Information Sheet

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Lameness is the term used when a horse's gait is impaired by pain or restricted range of movement.

The source of a horse's lameness may be in the leg or hoof but could also originate elsewhere, such as in the back or neck, so a full investigation (or "work-up") is usually required to identify the problem area.We offer full lameness work-ups at our clinic to pinpoint problems and provide targeted treatment, with subtle lameness cases being one of our specialities.

For those who would prefer not to have a full investigation we can provide practical advice and logical answers.

For more information please see our client information sheet covering lameness investigations 

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Back Problems and Poor Performance

A real understanding of the horse's back is essential for the treatment of lameness cases and those under-performing.

Whilst some horses have a primary back problem it is much more common for back pain to be secondary to other problems so it is very important that a full and thorough examination of the whole horse is carried out to establish whether any soreness is originating solely from the back or due to other underlying causes.

We regularly investigate back problem and/or poor performance cases. The clinic itself has ideal facilities for a full investigation, but a preliminary examination can easily be performed at your stable.

For more details about back problems please see our detailed information sheet.

Back Problems Client Information Sheet

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We can provide full lameness workups at the clinic to pinpoint problems and provide targeted treatment; realistic rehabilitation programs, and a sensible guide to the likelihood of a return to full work. More Information

Back Problems and Poor Performance

Primary back problems and the more common back issues which are secondary to lameness and numerous other problems. Require a back examination as a vital part of any lameness or under performing case. More Information

Gastric Ulcers

Signs of ulcers can vary from colic to being cold backed. We offer a gastroscopy service - the only way diagnose if ulcers are present, along with treatment and management advice. More Information

Ultrasound Scanning

We have both portable and high-spec clinic-based ultrasound machines and can scan everything from tendon injuries to pregnancy. As well as being used for diagnosis ultrasonography can also be used to monitor repair and guide medication of certain areas such as the neck or sacroiliac region. More Information


Pain relief without drugs is an underutilised skill which can be used in isolation or as part of a more traditional treatment plan. More Information


From routine rasping to extractions and diastemas. Vets with dentistry experience use power tools after a thorough dental examination including digital radiography and dental endoscopy. More Information

Services A-Z

Alternative Therapies
Alternative therapies can frequently be incorporated into more traditional treatment programs. We work with a range of physiotherapists, saddlers, farriers, McTimoney therapists and more.
Artificial Insemination
We are BEVA registered for chilled semen and can offer a fixed price for the whole procedure.
Breeding and Stud Work
From pre-breeding swabs to foaling and all those scans in between we can help you breed your mare successfully.
Cardiology Specialist
We are pleased to be able to work with a visiting cardiology specialist who can scan you horse's heart while you wait.
Dermatology (Skin) Clinics
We can perform extensive skin disease investigations, looking at some samples in-house, whilst others may be sent to more specialist labs.
Donkeys are not just small horses, they are big characters! We are very happy to treat these stoic creatures who like to hide their diseases.
A fibre optic tube used to look inside the horse - mostly used to examine the respiratory system but it can also be used to look at the sinuses, bladder or uterus.
Euthanasia and Cremation
We always try to provide a sensitive and caring service at this difficult time. We can arrange it all for you, keeping your stress and worries to a minimum.
Farriery Clinics
We are fortunate to be able to work with your farrier or incorporate the skill of other experienced farriers on lameness and poor performance cases, or as a preventative measure.
Laminitis Risk Assessment
Using a newly-developed blood test based assessment we are able to quantify how likely your pony is to develop laminitis.
McTimoney Therapy
McTimoney therapy is a chiropractic technique that helps to realign and balance the musculoskeletal system. There are many applications for this therapy and we are pleased to work alongside McTimoney specialists.
Compulsory microchipping to improve horse welfare. A new law requiring horses to be microchipped has been introduced to prevent abuse and improve welfare.
Neurological Examinations
We methodically examine horses with strange behaviour, an unusual way of walking or abnormal gait pattern to establish if there are problems in the brain, spinal cord or nerves and their communications.
Nutritional Advice
We can provide specific nutritional advice tailored to your horse and independent from any feed company. Specialising in advice for laminitics and managing overweight horses / ponies.
Opthalmology is the branch of medicine which deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eyeball. In addition to our routine eye examinations, we can also ultrasound eyes at the clinic.
Out of Hours Emergencies
We provide all our own out of hours emergency services. Our phone (01728) 685 123 is always answered by ‘The Answering Service’, who will take all your details and contact the duty vet.
We provide passports (with microchipping if required) or can complete your own breed society passport form. Our Pet-ID passports can be fast tracked in 48 hours for an additional fee.
We are pleased to work with a number of registered ACPAT physiotherapists for specific injuries or routine treatments.
Poor Performance Investigation
We are methodical in assessing poor performance cases so that we can establish the problem, understand the horse's chance of recovery and provide the best treatment quickly.
Our digital x-ray facilities produce very high quality images. Radiography is usually performed at the clinic for the best results, however for very painful horses who cannot be travelled the system can come to them if necessary.
Rehabilitation Programmes
An essential part of any horse’s recovery which can be at home or at the clinic. We are able to design these for you and your horse in a way that can work for you.
Second Opinions and Referrals
We are happy to accept these if you are not registered with us, but would like to benefit from our equine veterinary knowledge and care.
Stem Cell Therapy
We use the latest methods and technology in regenerative medicine to speed up tendon healing.
Numerous procedures can be performed using standing sedation and local anaesthetic techniques. We can also perform short procedures e.g.hernia repairs under general anaesthesia.
Vaccinations and Reminder Service
We can advise you of which vaccinations to use and when. We also provide a free vaccination reminder service to ensure that you don't miss any of your horse's vaccinations or boosters.
Veteran Horse
Sympathetic and practical care for our old friends.
Vettings (Pre-Purchase Exam)
We offer a 5 stage comprehensive pre-purchase examination to determine if the horse you are buying is suitable for the function you have in mind. A 2 stage limited pre-purchase examination is also available.
Weight Loss Investigations
Systematic and thorough investigation of the under-weight horse to tailor treatment, provide information about chances of recovery and then monitor progress.
Worming Programmes and Advice
We run annual worming programmes starting in February each year but if you have missed this date we can still tailor a programme for your horse.