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Worming Programmes and Advice

We run annual worming programmes starting in February each year but if you have missed this date we can still tailor a programme for your horse.

We aim to match internet prices but provide the added benefit of tailoring worming programs to your horses and providing best advice regarding which wormer to use for the time of year.  We also offer programs which include worm egg counts to minimise the amount of drugs you are giving your horse – this is not necessarily a cheaper option but is better for the environment and your horse.

Annual worm programmes are:
Economical - from £54 to worm a 600kg horse for the year
Comprehensive - covers all types of worms
Convenient - one purchase for the whole year’s worming
Simple to use - each programme tells you what and when to worm
Please see our worming guide and worm egg count information sheets for more details.