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Welcome to Deben Valley Equine

Established in 2002 by Helen Whitbread, the practice has a reputation for providing a high quality professional service, whilst finding the time to care. We specialise in the treatment of horses and donkeys, from acupuncture to ultrasound. We are passionate about delivering the best possible care in a friendly manner and will take the time to explain any procedure or treatment your horse requires. We are proud to offer an holistic approach, looking at the whole horse.


With many years experience we offer expertise across a wide range of services backed up by specialist diagnostic equipment to give you the reassurance that your animal will receive the best care possible. A selection of our services are highlighted below but please explore the services page to browse our full range of services.


Pain relief without drugs is an underutilised skill which can be used in isolation or as part of a more traditional treatment plan. More Information

Back Problems and Poor Performance

Primary back problems and the more common back issues which are secondary to lameness and numerous other problems. Require a back examination as a vital part of any lameness or under performing case. More Information


From routine rasping to extractions and diastemas. Vets with dentistry experience use power tools after a thorough dental examination including digital radiography and dental endoscopy. More Information


We can provide full lameness workups at the clinic to pinpoint problems and provide targeted treatment; realistic rehabilitation programs, and a sensible guide to the likelihood of a return to full work. More Information

Gastric Ulcers

Signs of ulcers can vary from colic to being cold backed. We offer a gastroscopy service - the only way diagnose if ulcers are present, along with treatment and management advice. More Information

Vettings (Pre-Purchase Exam)

We offer a 5 stage comprehensive pre-purchase examination to determine if the horse you are buying is suitable for the function you have in mind. A 2 stage limited pre-purchase examination is also available. More Information

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What is Required to Book a Vetting?

Vettings (Pre-Purchase Examinations) can often be further afield on yards we aren't familiar with so certain information is required for the process to run smoothly.

  • Horse - Horse’s name, date of birth, colour, sex and breed/type. What the horse’s job is supposed to be and any particular concerns the buyer has about the horse. The purchase price of the horse should also be supplied; to determine whether the horse may require additional examination, such as radiographs, for insurance purposes. The horse’s passport should be present for the vetting.
  • Buyer - Full name and address, and whether or not you wish to be present for the vetting. We require a mobile, home and work telephone numbers.
  • Seller - Who is selling the horse, and whether we are seeing the current owner of the horse or an agent selling on behalf of an owner. We need the address the horse is at and the owner’s home address, as well as all the previously mentioned phone numbers.
  • Directions - Really helpful when vettings are further afield.

For more information see our full client information sheet detailing information, facilities and equipment required. You can also download and refer to our Pre-Purchase Request Form which also details the required information.


Image used with kind permission from Ginny Rose and Lucy Jane Photography.

How to Find Us

“I'm very thankful that over the last two years I've had your honesty and professional prowess with our wonderful Ellie pony, so massive thank you from us all. She looked fabulous when we popped in over the weekend, finally feel we can start enjoying our pony again.”
KC of Diss
“Thank you for the very professional and sensitive way you handled the situation.”
Mrs V of Brandeston
“Sincere thanks to all of your past and especially most recent care of our beloved horse, who came to trust you, Helen, more than any other vet. Thank you to Nicky your nurse who has always, without fail, been so pleasant and helpful and a great asset to your team.”
S of Saxmundham
“Thank you for taking the time to explain the treatment to me. It makes it much easier to find the time to carry on the treatment when I understand why I am doing it.”
Mrs E of Ipswich
“Please thank the vet for being so helpful and understanding especially when my daughter was there too, on a very sad occasion.”
Mrs D of Framlingham
“Best she's ever been, wish you had been my vet years ago and then I could have had many more years of fun, instead of just thinking I had a grumpy mare. I now know she had neck pain, but now she's not in pain anymore she's so happy and relaxed, thank you.”
SG of Debenham
“So grateful for all your help over the years, but especially for the care you and Grace gave on their last evening. Thank you.”
Miss R from Tunstall
“The dignity afforded to our horses including Nike, is something that we’re both very grateful for. Thanks Helen and also Grace who is an amazing asset to the practice.”
Mr C from Tunstall
“Thank you, Helen and team for diagnosing and treating Tiny’s lameness. He went to his first competition for some time at the weekend and he loved being out again. We were not prepared but we had been invited to go so we went to enjoy it. We came home with a fantastic 4th, 2 tickets to Hoys & Drinks!”
Miss F of Ipswich