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Vettings (Pre-Purchase Exam)

A 5 stage pre-purchase examination is a comprehensive examination taking 1 and 1/2 – 2 hours to perform.

Performed in Suffolk and wider afield by experienced equine vets, a pre-purchase exam is recommended to enable you to make a decision about buying a certain horse by assessing it's suitability for the function you have in mind.  Remember a cheap horse costs just as much to keep as an expensive one but a broken one will cost even more!

The 5 stage exam includes a general assessment of the horse's condition, observations in hand and under more strenuous exercise and further assessments after cooling down. Blood may also be taken for future analysis. After the examination is complete we will provide a written report and discuss our findings with the purchaser.

For more details about what is included in a 5 stage pre-purchase examination please see our client information sheet on the subject. We also have a further article detailing what information and facilities are required in order to carry out the examination.

What is Required for a Vetting (Pre-Purchase Exam)

What is Involved in a Vetting (Pre-Purchase Exam)