Vetting (Pre Purchase examination) – What is required

Information Required

  • Horse- We need the horse’s name, date of birth, colour, sex and breed/type. We also need to know what the horse’s job will be and if the buyer has any particular concerns about the horse. The purchase price of the horse should also be supplied as this acts as a guide as to whether the horse may require additional examination, such as radiographs, for insurance purposes. The horse’s passport should be present for the vetting.
  • Buyer- We need to know your full name and address, and then whether or not you wish to be present for the vetting. We require a mobile number as well as your home and work details.
  • Seller- We need to know who is selling the horse, and whether we are seeing the current owner of the horse or an agent who is selling on behalf of an owner. We need to know the address the horse is at and the owner’s home address, as well as all contact phone numbers.
  • Directions- Often vettings’ are slightly further afield than routine calls, so directions are really helpful!
  • See below an example of the form we complete at the practice to ensure we have all the information we need prior to vetting – it is very helpful to us if you have all this information to hand when booking a vetting


For a thorough exam it is vital that the location of the vetting can provide the following facilities:

  • A stable which can be made very dark- allowing for detailed examination of the eye
  • A flat hard surface for trotting up – ideally this would be concrete or similar material.
  • An area which allows for 20 minutes of observable strenuous exercise, i.e. an arena.


  • Appropriate tack- suitable tack need to be available for both the trot up and the exercise. If the horse is highly-strung or excitable and strong, then a bridle or chifney should be available for the trot up.
  • The most important piece of “equipment” is a competent fit handler, who can hold the horse and run with the horse during trot up.

You can click the following link to download a copy of our Pre-Purchase Exam Request Form.

Last reviewed July 2018