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From routine rasping to extractions and diastemas. Vets with dentistry experience use power tools after a thorough dental examination including digital radiography and dental endoscopy.

Regular dental checks should be part of your horse or pony's routine preventative medicine program alongside vaccination and worming. Dental checks should be performed a minimum of every 12 months in normal horses.

Dental problems that are not addressed early on in their development can progress and easily be undetected by owners as the horse appears to have no problems. By the time problems are exhibited the dental disease is often severe and requires extensive treatment over a long period of time. Regular dental checks allow early recognition of dental over-growths, other problems and development of a preventative treatment plan tailored to each horse.

For further details please see ourĀ dentistry information sheet

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For more information about horse teeth, common problems and how we can help please see our dentistry information sheet.

Dentistry Client Information Sheet

If you have any concerns about your horse's teeth or wish to book an appointment please call the office.