Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) is commonly used for breeding horses and is standard practice for many types of horse.

Successful AI requires meticulous planning and preparation, accurate timing and careful monitoring. Decisions such as the choice of mare and stallion and the presentation type of the semen (fresh, chilled or frozen) are crucial in improving the chances of your mare becoming pregnant.

We can help in all these areas, providing advice and taking cervical swabs to test for infectious diseases prior to the process, scanning and other tests to help predict the timing of your mare’s ovulation, as well as the insemination process itself.

Mares can board with us at the clinic where we can provide a fixed cost for the whole procedure.

For more information about Artificial Insemination please read our information sheet which explains the process, answers questions you may have and explains how you can best prepare your mare and what we can do to help.

AI Client Information Sheet