A fibre optic tube used to look inside the horse – mostly used to examine the respiratory system but it can also be used to look at the sinuses, bladder or uterus.

We also have access to the latest technology allowing us to position the endoscope in your horse’s throat and then watch the larynx and surrounding structures ‘live’ as your horse breathes.  This is at any speed from walk to gallop and all watched live on a laptop screen, with a video record to review later. It is non-invasive with the tube coming out of the horses nostril and attached to a bridle. The horse can be ridden, lunged or driven with the rest of the equipment attached to the harness, a surcingle or backpack for the rider.

Endoscopy also allows us to take tissue samples as we look or collect fluid and cells from the airway for a more accurate diagnosis of breathing problems.

For more information on management of the coughing horse or gastric ulcers, please see the relevant information sheets:

Gastric Ulcers Client Information Sheet

Coughing Horse Client Information Sheet