Flu (Equine Influenza) vaccinations update June 2020

Can we vaccinate your horse in the current pandemic? In particular, 6 monthly flu jabs?

Short answer = Yes

Longer explanation = We are happy to vaccinate any horses as long as we can observe social distancing, keeping you, your family and us, vets and staff safe.  Now is not the time for taking risks that could involve anyone getting hurt. 

We have been doing routine vaccinations for several weeks, but we are now able to offer those 6 monthly flu boosters too.  This is because horse movement is on the increase and therefore so is the risk of another equine influenza outbreak.  Therefore if you are taking your horse off your premises or other people on your yard are out and about, then we would recommend protecting your horse as well as possible from equine influenza by resuming 6 monthly flu vaccinations.  This advice is based on protecting your horse, not just complying with competition rules; however when competitions resume (“Please,” personal comment from editor!) it is expected that equestrian sport governing bodies and venues will ask for 6 monthly flu vaccinations again.