Equine herpes EHV-1 neurological form

Equine herpes EHV-1 neurological form

In January and February this year there have been several cases in Spain, France,  Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Some but not all of these are linked to showjumping in Valencia in February and hence the FEI has been tracing all horses that attended that venue since the 1st of February and advised re-testing , transport, isolation, taking temperatures and other biosecurity measures.

Many in contact horses have run a fever and tested positive for EHV-1. 

 EHV can cause respiratory disease in horses as well as abortion and rarely a neurological form which can prove fatal. 

The FEI have issued advice to all showjumpers competing at that time but it is possible that horses could’ve returned to the UK and mixed with others prior to this outbreak being recognised. 




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