Staying Covid-19 secure working together – Update August 2020

Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email from the office, please read and then reply by email. Many, many thanks.

We will be adhereing to 2m safe distancing on visits unless not safe to do so.

Please continue to follow our rules:-

o  Only one person to assist the vet (NO SPECTATORS!); same person if multiple horses

o  Staying >2metres apart at all times; initially tie horse up and move away. Put passport outside stable

o  Please wear a facemask as well as gloves (I have a few masks if you wish to buy one)

o  For dentals – please provide ½ bucket of warm water ready in the stable.

o  Gates to be open so vet doesn’t have to handle these

o  Do not touch the vet’s equipment

o  Please disinfect anything the vet has touched e.g., headcollar or stable door/bolt

o  Please provide a valid card number for payment in advance of your appointment or pay by BACS the same day.

o  Unless an immediate emergency, no other horses will be discussed or examined on the visit

o  Some horses may require sedation for procedures where they cannot be held in order to comply with social distancing requirements

o  It would assist greatly if you could remember that any repeat prescriptions must be ordered in advance (3 days notice minimum)

o  Sometimes a table or electricity / clean stable may be required

o  For Clinic appointments – please phone the office on your arrival and leave your horse in the transport until instructed otherwise.

With regards to the 2m/6 foot social distancing
With the new “track & trace” brought in by the Government, at the end of May, I would respectfully request that you do maintain a minimum of 2m distance, unless I specifically ask you to move closer or assist. As you can imagine, if I am required to quarantine for 14 days, due to the track & trace rules, I will be unable to work and provide my veterinary services to you, and others.

Many thanks for your care and cooperation

The vet looks forward to seeing your horse & you (at a distance!)

Stay safe

Deben Valley Equine Vet. Clinic