Summer Update at Deben Valley Equine

Finally the sun is here...

Well so far this year, we have seen lots of sand colic, lame horses and laminitics.

Now beware heatstroke and flybite reactions / sweet itch.  

But we have been able to go out and have some fun too.

Arena Eventing at Boyton Hall

Arena Eventing at Boyton Hall

Covid rules

Sadly Covid has not gone away with the soaring heat

It is difficult to work in masks and keep our distance; it continues to seem unfriendly

Even in sleepy rural Suffolk, cases are rising, so Deben Valley Equine will not be relaxing our current rules for visits and appointments – I would like to apologise for the inconvenience (to clients & staff) but with my understanding of biosecurity and disease spread, it remains very important to keep exposure to Covid19 to a minimum

For anyone, not familiar with our Covid regulations, here they are….

We act in a Covid-secure manner, however, if you are vulnerable then please arrange for someone else to assist the vet.

  • If you are unwell, have any signs of Covid or are self-isolating, please re-arrange your appointment.
  • Only one person to assist the vet (NO SPECTATORS!); same person if multiple horses.
  • Gates to be open so vet doesn’t have to handle these.
  • We must all stay >2metres apart at all times
  • Initially tie horse up and move away. Put passport outside stable.
  • Please wear a facemask (I have a few masks if you wish to buy one).
  • For dentals– please provide ½ bucket of warm water ready in the stable.
  • Some horses may require sedation for procedures where they cannot be held in order to comply with social distancing requirements.
  • Do not touch the vet’s equipment; the vet would like to park as close to your stable as possible to make it easier when needing to use equipment.
  • The vet will wear gloves for the entire length of veterinary examination. The vet will disinfect equipment between visits. The vet will wear a facemask initially, but remove it when it becomes apparent that 2 metres social distancing can be maintained.
  • Unless an immediate emergency, no other horses will be discussed or examined on the visit, we are still attempting to minimise time spent on your yard.
  • Please disinfect anything the vet has touched e.g., head collar or stable door/bolt.
  • Please provide a valid card number for payment in advance of your appointment or inform the office if you want to pay by BACS the same day.
  • It would assist greatly if you could remember that any repeat prescriptions must be ordered in advance (3 days notice minimum).
  • Sometimes a table or electricity / clean stable may be required.

The vet may accept a drink which can be poured into their own mug, Thanks for offering.

Thank you for your care and cooperation as well as your continued support of me, my staff and my business!

Helen & Deben Valley Equine Team