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Digital Pulse Video
Helen, showing you how to find the digital pulse in a horses foot. A pronounced digital pulse can be a sign that...
20 May 2019
Special Offer Microchip
Microchip May Microchip Offer In preparation for 2020 changes in legislation requiring all horses to be microchipped, we are offering a special...
10 May 2019
Allergy Testing
Allergy Testing Day at the Clinic Allergy Testing Day Allergy testing day will be on Tuesday 21 May at 9.30am at the clinic with a visiting...
04 May 2019
Upcoming Events
Guide to attending Equine Events
The Animal Health Trust have produced this helpful guide for all that are attending equine events.
04 May 2019
Update on Apprentice Jade
Apprentice Jade's Update Our apprentice Jade has had a lovely article written about her and the practice in the East Anglian Rider, April's...
03 May 2019
Easter Office Hours 2019
Office Opening Hours for Easter Holidays Office Opening Hours Normal Office opening hours up to Easter break Emergency 24hr service available...
15 Apr 2019
Dental Monday 13 May 2019
Dental Monday Our next date is Monday 13th May, 2019   These are conducted at the Clinic for the purpose of routine dental work At a discounted...
08 Apr 2019
Atypical Myopathy
Atypical Myopathy or Sycamore Toxicity Now is the time to be vigilant for Sycamore seedlings growing in your paddocks. You don't have to have...
05 Apr 2019
Dead? Or Dead Slow?
British Horse Society's Dead Slow Campaign The BHS have seen 845 incidents reported to them from 1 March 2018 to 28 February 2019, as well over...
01 Apr 2019
AHT update on Equine Flu
Animal Health Trusts Update on Equine Flu Outbreaks The Animal Health Trust keeps a record of all Equine Flu outbreaks across the country. Here...
22 Mar 2019
The Story of Lord Dusky
The Story of Lord Dusky This is the story of how my beautiful Connemara pony, registered name Dusky’s Robuck, stable name ‘Dusky’ and  fondly...
11 Mar 2019
British Eventing Update on Vaccination Policy
British Eventing Update Please see the British Eventing News page as they have updated their Vaccination Policy for horses eventing.   ...
22 Feb 2019
Letter to Clients on Wormers and Equine Flu
Dear Horse Owner   Wormers and Equine Flu   I think everyone is aware of the ongoing problem with equine influenza (horse flu) in the UK and across Europe.  Horses who have...
22 Feb 2019
Other News
10 Feb, 2019 Animal Health Trust Update on Flu Cases
11 Feb 2019
Worming Programmes for 2019 Are Here
08 Feb 2019
AHT update on Flu Cases
08 Feb 2019
Our Fire Safety Evening
08 Feb 2019
Helen is on Suffolk Radio
21 Jan 2019