Worm Egg Counts – Collecting and Storing Samples Correctly

Storing Samples for Faecal Worm Egg Counts

We just need 3g of dung to perform a dung worm egg count on. HOWEVER, to be representative different faecal balls should be sampled. So if you purchased our worming programmes 2 pots (A & B) per test are now included & labelled for you. Please use a different faecal ball for each pot.

Fill BOTH pots.

A quick reminder that samples of faeces to be submitted for worm egg counts should be refrigerated if they will take more than 12 hours to reach us.

Storing samples at higher temperatures can lead to false results as eggs can develop above fridge temperatures; freezing samples destroys eggs and so will also lead to a false result.

On a practical note, collect a fresh sample and get it to us as quickly as possible – first class post (leak proof bag with enough padding to avoid breakage and absorb any spillage). Do not have sample festering in a hot car for days!!


Deben Valley Equine Laboratory