McTimoney Therapy

McTimoney Therapist Jess Edwards Writes…

I qualified as a McTimoney Practitioner in 2008 from the McTimoney College, Abingdon. This was fuelled by a lifelong involvement with animals and fascination with how they work and improving health and performance. The course was a 3 year Masters Degree in Animal Manipulation made eligible by first attaining a BSc(hons) in Equine Science at Writtle College.

The McTimoney College was founded by John McTimoney in 1972 teaching chiropractic techniques originating from the methods of D. D. Palmer (1845-1913). He later adapted these techniques to be effective and accepted by animals for which the MSc Animal Manipulation was devised, the course is currently the only externally validated course of its type accredited to this level in Europe.

The McTimoney technique is a very gentle method of manipulation of the spine, pelvis and limbs to locate areas of pain, heat, restriction of motion and muscle tension. Precise and gentle adjustments are used to correct misalignment of the spine and restore optimum nerve function. Looking at the horse from a holistic perspective, incorporating – amongst other things – their environment, management, exercise and aftercare. The treatment involves a detailed case history, conformation assessment, gait analysis, full body treatment followed by aftercare advice to get the best affect from the treatment given.

A wide range of performance or behavioural issues may benefit from treatment, including,

– Reluctance to work, go forwards, maintain a contact

– Change or decrease in performance

– Difficulty with a canter lead, bucking into canter or after a jump

– Stiffness on one rein, lateral work or flexion

– Discomfort when being shod, tacked up or groomed

The treatment is used for dogs too:

– Reluctance to exercise, jump in/out of car

– Cry out when getting up

– Stiffness after rest

– Change or decrease in performance

– Change in temperament, perhaps aggression

Over the past 3 years I have teamed up with Ken Skinner (MRCVS) to create a practice base for clients in and around Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge providing treatment for both horses and dogs of all disciplines whether it be to resolve an issue or as a maintenance check. Either a veterinary referral or veterinary permission is a legal requirement for any therapist before treating your animal.

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