Clinic Facilities

At Deben Valley Equine we are fortunate to have a very well equipped clinic, enabling us to provide the best standards of treatment when your horse comes to see us. As well as the clinic there is a large area for lorry parking so why not save money on visit fees and bring your horse to our clinic.

In-Patient Facilities

Stabling with rubber matting, horsewalker, indoor school and trot-ups. All hospitalised cases are examined at least twice a day, sick horses more frequently. Hospitalisation allows regular monitoring and if necessary, intravenous fluids and drugs. Regular updates will be provided on all cases and owners are able to visit or speak to the vet in charge of the case every day.

In-House Laboratory

We can turn around results within hours from our laboratory. Haematology (blood cells), biochemistry (liver, muscle, kidney and protein information) and worm egg counts among other services are performed in-house.

More specialist tests such as ACTH for the diagnosis of Cushings disease (see information sheet on this disease), insulin values (see Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Laminitis info. Sheets), virology, bacteriology, histology, hormone levels, strangles tests, liver function and many more are carried out by more specialist labs – some samples are posted by special delivery and results are returned in less than 48 hours. Some tests can take 7-10 days to get results.

Skilled Veterinary Nurses

We are lucky to have the support of top class veterinary nurses who really care about the horses they are treating. Our nurses not only help your horse but also help you and the vets too.


Stocks provide a safer environment not just for the horse, but also for vets, handlers and nurses. Our stocks are fully adjustable to cater for horses of all sizes.


Do you really know how much your horse weighs?

Knowing the precise weight of your horse is extremely useful for accurate drug or wormer dosing and also takes the guess-work out of monitoring progress in weight loss (or gain).