ALL HORSES MUST BE MICROCHIPPED -1st October 2020 – new legislation

New Legislation Comes Into Force Today, 1st October 2020

All equidae (horses, ponies and donkeys) of all ages require a MICROCHIP AND PASSPORT.



What do horse owners need to know about the equine ID regulations in England, Wales and Scotland?

The equine identification regulations make it a legal requirement for all horses in England, Wales and Scotland to be identified, meaning that the animal will have to be microchipped and passported, and will introduce civil sanctions for those who do not comply, such as fixed penalty notices. Owners will need to get any equine born before 30th June 2009 retrospectively microchipped, if it is not already chipped. Please see below for the deadlines for retrospective microchipping in each country.

  • England: all equines to be microchipped by 1st October 2020.
  • Wales: all equines to be microchipped by 12th February 2021.
  • Scotland: all equines to be microchipped by 28th March 2021.

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