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Wormers and Equine Flu


I think everyone is aware of the ongoing problem with equine influenza (horse flu) in the UK and across Europe.  Horses who have been vaccinated within the last 6 months against equine influenza are less poorly if they ‘catch ‘flu’ and may show no signs at all, if challenged with this disease.  Unvaccinated horses are more likely to be very ill; they may have a fever, cough, be off their feed or have a nasal discharge. 

Here is a brief summary of our advice: -

  • If your horse has not been vaccinated against flu in the last 6 months, please arrange for a booster vaccination to be given as soon as possible.  
  • Avoid contact with other horses; if you own a yard you should isolate any new or unwell horses immediately. Also make sure that all horse owners and visitors to your yard such as friends, farriers, instructors, vets, physiotherapists & dentists etc are aware of your biosecurity policy. if you don't have one write one now.  Equine influenza is most commonly spread by direct contact between horses or the sharing of buckets, tack, transport and grooms.  It is easily spread between horses by people and the virus can also travel on the wind.
  • If you suspect you have an unwell horse, as well as isolating it, please make sure everyone around you is aware of the risk and call the vet as soon as possible, so that equine flu can be ruled in or out quickly; plus of course the horse can be treated.
  • Ideally avoid contact with strange horses but if you are attending a competition or other horse gathering find out about their biosecurity and the vaccination rules before you go; do not mix unnecessarily.


So what of wormers I hear you cry!

Annual worming programmes are great value and ready now.  

All the wormers or tests for the whole year from £54 per horse.

See attached flyer or call the office 01728 685 123.


We are always available to answer your queries.


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Helen Whitbread and the DVEVC team