We see allergies affect the horse in different ways, e.g., itchiness or swellings of the skin; coughing or wheeziness if the respiratory system is affected or head-shaking are just a few examples of how allergic reactions might manifest themselves.

If possible, finding out the cause of the allergy is ideal because avoiding the problem is often simple and cheap.

Intra-dermal skin testing is the gold standard for allergy testing in the horse.

Blood tests in our equine friends are unreliable compared to dogs for instance. These tests are also more reliable at certain times of the year depending on the weather and environmental conditions. Hence we will be holding a day of allergy testing in October with a dermatology specialist.

If you are concerned about your own horse and allergies or would like to know more about testing and booking an appointment, please contact the clinic ASAP to speak to one of the vets.