Equine vets share heartfelt declarations in new campaign

More than 100 equine vets have responded to BEVA’s #Ilovebeinganequinevet campaign by uploading videos about what’s great about the profession. To see Helen's video go here 

Researchers, scientists, ambulatory vets and leading surgeons have all embraced the campaign, launched by BEVA president Jon Pycock. From heartfelt declarations to witty vignettes, the videos capture the essence of the many delights of the job.

“I’ve been bowled over by the response we have had to #ilovebeinganequinevet,” said Mr Pycock. “It’s a phenomenal way to remember and celebrate the many the great things about our profession. Yes, it’s a job but it really seems that many of us do it for the love too!”

The campaign was launched to help equine vets focus on the many positives of their career. So far, more than 100 videos have been uploaded with around 35,000 minutes viewed.

With videos being shared across BEVA’s social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the BEVA is encouraging more vets to get involved. If you would like to upload a video about what you love most about being an equine vet, visit the BEVA Congress website for details.