During this cold spell of weather and freezing temperatures, it is important to check your horse's water troughs/buckets to ensure they have accessibility to water.

Here are a few tips:

Place a football, empty milk or drinks bottles in the water trough, these then float and can prevent the water from freezing in this area (or reduce the freeze). Horses quickly learn to push them out the way to obtain access to the water.

Raising your water trough off the frozen ground or placing it on straw can help reduce the freeze.

Place water in a shelter to reduce the exposure to the elements.

To encourage horses to drink add some warm water to an icy cold water bucket to bring it back to a normal temperature.

When breaking the ice, remove it all from the water to prevent a quick freeze and don't leave it somewhere that you or your horse may slip on!

If you are concerned about your horse's hydration levels or anything else please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on 01728 685123