Reduce the Spread of Equine Herpes Virus

Equine herpes virus (EHV) is a contagious viral infection which can cause respiratory disease, abortions and neurological disease.

Common symptoms of EHV-4 can be a rise in body temperature and in most cases the signs of infection are limited to mild respiratory disease (runny nose, cough, swollen glands or legs, off food).

EHV-1 is less common for respiratory disease but it can cause the more severe effects of abortion and neurological disease.

The long term effects of EHV is to the equine population as a whole as the way the disease persists. Once a horse is infected that horse can harbour the virus throughout its life and potentially shed the disease to other animals without showing any outward signs.

In our experience, yards which vaccinate against herpes virus have less problems with coughs and breathing problems. Contact the practice 01728 685123 for more information and see our information sheet here