Recommendations from AHT for Horses Attending Events

Horses attending events

AHT re-iterate our major concerns regarding future scheduled events that do not require vaccination for attendance and as such our recommendations are:


  • Ensure all horses attending events are vaccinated. We would strongly advise events only accept horses that have had a booster within the last 6 months (rather than annual) and also enforcing the minimum 5 day rule post vaccination (interval between last vaccine dose and competition entry to have some benefit from that vaccination).

  • EI vaccination status should ideally be confirmed prior to arrival of all competitors.

  • Ensure there has been no recent history of infectious disease on competitors’ home yards, before they leave for the event. This could be in the form of a signed health declaration stating this and also ask owners to take and note down the horses temperature prior to travel. Encourage owners to be responsible and aware that even if their own horse appears ok, there is the potential for subclinical influenza infection from other infected horses on their yard.

  • Advise owners on biosecurity at the competition and when they get back to their home premises too. This should include:

    • Take own equipment, including water buckets and water.

    • Avoid communal troughs and do not share any equipment.

    • Prevent direct and indirect contact between horses.

    • Don’t allow horses to graze communal areas.

    • Avoid horse-to-horse contact and other people touching your horse.

    • Disinfect equipment, vehicles and boots after the event.

    • Continue to closely monitor horses for a few weeks after the event, including daily temperature monitoring.

    • Encourage owners to contact their vet at the earliest opportunity if they have concerns with their horse ring our clinic on 01728 685123