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Pain Behaviour Research
Helen took part in a Study of Pain Behaviour in Ridden Horses The Animal Health Trust Centre for Equine Studies held a study on pain...
13 Aug 2018
Sand Colic and Psyllium Husk
Sand Colic and Psyllium Husk BEWARE with all this hot weather the grassland is bare leaving soil and sand exposed. And now we are forecast rain which can cause soil and sand...
28 Jul 2018
Managing Your Horse in Hot Weather
Managing your Horse in Hot Weather It seems that this year we are having to write a lot of articles about the weather! Certainly we are now in a prolonged heat wave in Suffolk,...
27 Jul 2018
Upcoming Events
Macmillan Coffee Morning 2018
27 Sep 2018 - 12:45
Farriers Afternoon
9 Oct 2018
Helen is helping with scoring pain behaviour in ridden horses research
Helen is taking part in a research project this Saturday 21 July, 2018. Helen will spend the day assessing horse's behaviour while they are ridden. For example looking at...
21 Jul 2018
Hannah is Leaving
Sadly today we say goodbye to Hannah Rose our Practice Manager who has worked for us the last two and a half years. Hannah will be coming back to work the odd day for us but...
20 Jul 2018
New Date - Farriers Educational Afternoon on Tuesday 9th October, 2018
New Date - Tuesday 9th October, 2018 Farriers are invited to come along for an afternoon of Education at the DVEVC for talks on Laminitis – a veterinary...
16 Jul 2018
Team Suffolk at Keysoe on 7th/8th July 2018
14 starter first aid bags waiting to join Team Suffolk at Keysoe next weekend for The British Dressage Inter-county Challenge. Deben Valley Equine Veterinary Clinic are proud...
02 Jul 2018
Helen's First Letter in the Vet Record (after 28years!!)
After 28 years Helen has finally had her first letter published in the Vet Record! The letter discusses the culture around wearing head protection for horse procedures, and...
19 Jun 2018
Equine Allergy Week
This week (18th - 24th June 2018) we are raising awareness of allergies in horses for Equine Allergy Week. Visit the practice this week to discover how to identify your horse's...
18 Jun 2018
Veterinary Education Evening
Deben Valley Equine Vets invite you to join them for: A Veterinary Education Evening On Thursday 3rd May 2018 at 7pm in Brandeston Village Hall, Brandeston IP13 7AE.   Featuring: “Equine...
14 Apr 2018
Laminitis Talk
Talk About Laminitis have produced a video explaining exactly what Laminitis is and why it is a painful condition: At Talk About Laminitis we are passionate about reducing...
13 Apr 2018
Laminitis - First Signs
So what are the early subtle signs of Laminitis? The following are worth having at the back of your mind, as the earlier we can spot the disease...
12 Apr 2018
Area Days
What are Area Days? For two days, a month we will be in a certain area. If you live in this area you can book a visit at 25% discount (saving...
11 Apr 2018
Other News
Dental Mondays - March and April 2018
12 Mar 2018
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09 Mar 2018
Ask The Vet - What Does a Routine Dental Checkup Involve?
02 Mar 2018
Ask the Vet - What Signs Might a Horse Display if it was Having Dental Issues?
02 Mar 2018
Tips on Keeping Your Horse's Gut Healthy
01 Mar 2018