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Client Information Sheets

There is a wealth of information in these articles, covering many different conditions, procedures and management practises. Please scroll down to make to sure you don't miss anything.

Latest Information Sheets

COLIC WARNING Tapeworm should be considered a significant pathogen in young horses: findings presented at recent equine colic symposium Tapeworm...
31 Jan 2022
Cushing's Disease (also known as Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction - PPID)
Equine Cushing's Disease (ECD) is more correctly known as Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID).  This condition results in the pituitary gland, located at the base...
14 Aug 2021
Liver Disease
Liver Disease in Horses The liver has many important functions including protein metabolism, toxin neutralisation, producing clotting factors...
26 Jul 2021


Vetting (Pre Purchase examination) - What is required
Information Required Horse- We need the horse’s name, date of birth, colour, sex and breed/type. We also need to know what the horse’s job...
04 Feb 2018
Vettings - What Does a Vetting (Pre-Purchase Exam) Involve?
Examination of Horses Prior to Purchase The purchase of any horse involves you in the taking of a risk; no horse is risk free and at best we...
05 Feb 2018
Tying Up (Exertional Rhabdomyolysis)
Historically known as Monday Morning disease, ER is most often seen in horses following exertion, such as racehorses, hunters and endurance horses, but can occur in any horse. We...
23 Jan 2018
Lameness - A Gallop Through Lameness Investigations
Horses coming in for lameness investigations at the clinic may have several different procedures undertaken to try and pin-point the cause of lameness. These commonly include: Physical...
03 Oct 2017

A-Z Information Sheets

Acupuncture is a treatment which involves the stimulation of specific points in the body, usually by the insertion of very fine, pre-sterilised, stainless steel needles. This...
17 May 2019
Artificial Insemination
The actual procedure of Artificial Insemination (or AI) is very straightforward. However, meticulous planning and preparation is required before this point to maximise the...
20 May 2019
Back Problems in the Horse
Back problems in the horse are relatively common.  Horses can get primary back problems, but secondary back problems caused by other diseases are much more common.  For this...
17 Jul 2019
Career Advice - So You Want to be a Vet?
If you’re reading this article then chances are, like myself, you’ve thought being a vet is what you want to do from a young age. I’m going to try and help guide you through...
17 May 2019
Case Discussions
Case discussions are carried out nearly every week at Deben Valley Equine Vet Clinic. All vets sit down together and work through the list of cases seen during the previous...
17 May 2019
Castration - Colt Castration Notes
Information About the Procedure Usually performed from six months of age. Prevents undesirable ‘stallion’ behaviour if performed before maturity...
17 May 2019
Castration - Colt Castration Post-Op Notes (see Colt Castration Notes first)
Your colt has had both testicles removed and the two large scrotal skin wounds have been left open for drainage. Please do not clean these wounds nor apply anything to them....
17 May 2019
Coughing Horse / Dust Free Management
    Coughing Horse and Tips for Dust Free Management of Horses A cough is a reflex action to clear airways of mucus and irritants....
17 May 2019
Cushing's Disease (also known as Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction - PPID)
Equine Cushing's Disease (ECD) is more correctly known as Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID).  This condition results in the pituitary gland, located at the base...
14 Aug 2021
Dental Caries in the Horse
Image above: Peripheral Caries of the edge of the tooth forming layers of damage. Note how food adheres to the damaged areas and the discolouration of the teeth Quite simply...
17 Jul 2019
Dental Mondays
Dental Mondays Our standard dentistry fee incl. sedation if required is £65 for a thorough mouth examination and routine rasp. It does not include...
12 Apr 2019
Regular dental checks should be part of your horse or pony's routine preventative medicine program along side vaccination and worming. Dental checks should be performed a...
16 Jul 2018
Drugs - Tips for Feeding Medicines to your horse
Tips for Feeding Medicines Sometimes even the greediest horse can decide not to eat the medicine in its feed, there are a few things you can...
31 Oct 2019
Equine Metabolic Syndrome
Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) is present in horses, ponies or donkeys that have a combination of characteristics including obesity, insulin resistance, and high blood pressure....
22 Jul 2019
Euthanasia - Time To Say Goodbye
Sadly for all of us who own and look after horses, sad days involving the loss of a horse are inevitable. Sometimes events are taken out of our hands but whenever possible...
22 Jul 2019
Fire Safety for Horse Owners
Fire Safety for Horse Yards We do not like to think of the possibility of having a fire in our stables/barn but we do need to plan for the probability....
22 Feb 2019
First Aid Kit list
SUGGESTED CONTENTS OF A FIRST AID BOX Thermometer (know how to read it!) +/- Vaseline Scissors – blunt ended & curved to trim hair away...
20 May 2019
First Aid Tips
Wounds Cold hose with clean running water. Use diluted hibiscrub / poviiodine if dirty. You can apply wound gel (e.g....
22 Jul 2019
Foaling Protocol
1. Tetanus vaccine for mare 1 month before foaling and if not recently done. Normal Flu vaccination protocol. 2. Mare should have had herpes vaccination at 5, 7, and 9 months...
20 May 2019
Gastric Ulcers - Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)
Anatomy The stomach of the horse is small compared to other species, its capacity is only 10-15 litres. The stomach sits in the abdomen beneath...
22 Jul 2019
Glaucoma is an uncommon eye condition of the horse. In the dog and man, it is extremely painful and very obvious at the onset. However, in the horse the signs can be very...
20 May 2019
Grazing Muzzles - A Guide To Grazing Muzzles
Grazing muzzles can be a very useful tool to help diet horses, particularly if reducing turn-out time is not an option or is already minimal. It is important, however, to...
19 Feb 2018
Heat Stroke
Heat Stroke Heat stroke in the horse is a serious, life-threatening illness, which needs emergency veterinary attention.  It is caused when the horse’s temperature can't be...
22 Aug 2020
Herpes - Equine Herpes Virus
Equine herpes virus (EHV) is a contagious viral infection which can cause respiratory disease, abortions and neurological disease. There are two different types of EHV which...
02 Mar 2021
Herpes & abortion - Guidelines to Decrease the Risk of EHV1 Infection in Pregnant Mares
Equid Herpesvirus (EHV) is very common – more than 75% of horses have been exposed at some point in their lives. Young horses are especially susceptible. Horses can become...
19 Feb 2018
Influenza - Equine Influenza '(Flu)
Equine influenza is an important contagious respiratory disease of horses resulting from infection with influenza viruses (of the H7N7 or H3N8 subtype). The disease is characterised...
13 Aug 2018
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