Area Days

What are Area Days?

For two days, a month we will be in a certain area. If you live in this area you can book a visit at 25% discount (please note that this is inclusive of your 5% pay at time discount). Please ring the office to find out which days a vet is in your area. You can then book a visit (restrictions apply, please see Terms of Visits). On the day ring the office at 9am if you have not already been given a time. Click here to open a map of our areas in a separate tab.

What are the Areas?

  • Area 1 = West of A14
  • Area 2 = South of Diss, West of A140,Eye & Debenham area
  • Area 3 = Stradbroke, Harleston & Laxfield, North of A1120
  • Area 4 = Halesworth, Wenhaston, Cookley
  • Area 5 = Framlingham, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh,Leiston & Dunwich
  • Area 6 = Wickham Market, Woodbridge, Tunstall, Iken, Hollesley & Bawdsey
  • Area 7 = South & East of Ipswich, Felixstowe & Levington
  • Area 8 = Central Ipswich & South of the clinic

Terms of Visits

Visits must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.  Availability may be limited. Visits really aimed at vaccinations, dental work, veteran health checks and routine examinations. Vet attendance involving 3rd party e.g. farrier, physio or pre-purchase examinations are excluded. All insurance work is charged at normal rates. Must be paid for at the time of visit. Deadline for adding work/clients to visit is 48hrs before visit please.

Yard Days

How do they work?

Horse owners can get together and arrange for a visit to their yard at a reduced visit fee for routine work (visit fee £7-£12 per horse). We try to visit each yard on the same day each month. We already visit some yards, so please ask if we visit yours or if you would like to arrange for your yard to be visited.


All other fees are standard. All insurance work is charged at normal rates. You must pay in full on the day and have a zero balance on your account to benefit from this scheme. Visits really aimed at vaccinations, routine examinations, veteran health checks. Vet attendance involving 3rd party are excluded. Deadline for adding work/clients to visit is two working days before visit please.