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Helen Whitbread spent a brilliant day learning and practising new & old ultrasound skills.

Jean-Marie Denoix is world leader in teaching anatomy, injuries and ultrasound of the horse so Helen loves his courses.

This is the second year Helen has attended this BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) course.  It involves a live horse being brought into the conference centre and being scanned and everything filmed so all the vets could watch on large screens (just like a music concert!).



All morning was spent watching demonstration of scanning lower limbs including suspensories and pasterns. As well as the neck which you can then see me demonstrating in one of the practical session in the afternoon.  I already regularly scan the neck facet joints for ultrasound guided medication of the joints.  I did learn extra ways to visualise and nerve block the suspensory ligament which we will be putting into use,